16.11.2015 16:54 Uhr : Winterflugschule Spanien

From December 14, 2015 to March 13, 2016 you have the great opportunity to travel with our flight school partner DyamicSpirit to Andalusia to learn how to fly a gyro or ultra-light fixed wing on an airfield near the idyllic town of Villamartin.   Having stable weather conditions, an airfield with minimal traffic for you almost alone and one landing fee per day, you have ideal conditions for efficient training. Available bookings are always full weeks. The first week will cost 298, - €, each additional 98, - €. Each week also various excursions, e.g. to Morocco, Sevilla, Portugal, by   » more

03.11.2015 10:21 Uhr : Line Maintenance AutoGyro MTOsport, Calidus und Cavalon, sowie Rotax 912/914 Serie

Du wolltest schon immer detailliert in die Technik deines Tragschraubers einsteigen und auch Zugang zu den Ersatzteilen bekommen, dann ist dieser Kurs genau das Richtige. Im Vorfeld bietet Rotax im Hause AutoGyro den Wartungskurs für die Motoren an. Kombiniere beide Kurse und erhalte den Einblick. Rotax Wartungskurs: 8. bis 10. Dezember 2015 AutoGyro: 14. bis 18. Dezember 2015 (MTOsport 14.-16.12., Calidus 17.12., Cavalon 18.12.)   Weitere Informationen und auch Anmeldungen bei: airworthiness[Klammeraffe]auto-gyro[Punkt]com     » more

07.09.2015 09:59 Uhr : Wartungskurs 09/2015

08/15 ist vorbei, nun ist 09/15 angesagt: Der Wartungskurs ist schon vorbereitet.   Die Plätze sind nicht nur begehrt, sondern auch leider begrenzt. Denn nur so lernt ihr optimal die Arbeiten an eurem AutoGyro durchzuführen.   Meldet Euch noch heute an: sales[Klammeraffe]auto-gyro[Punkt]com     » more

03.09.2015 11:37 Uhr : Autumn Promotion 2015

It is once again the time of year whereby we present to you, the perfect opportunity… To buy the best and most popular range of Gyroplanes at the best prices!    Today we launch “Autumn Promotion 2015”, this is once again expected to be very popular and whilst we don’t expect to run out of aircraft to sell, available models are limited, so make sure you are not disappointed, get out there and spread the word!   Of course, we very much value your custom throughout the year but especially so during the Autumn period, allowing us to maintain production at record levels and to provide you   » more

27.08.2015 15:26 Uhr : Iceland Adventure - heaven and hell

Iceland is a small island in the North Atlantic with very little tourism, no big cities and for thousands of years untouched landscapes.   Precisely for these reasons the island is so interesting for Otmar Birkner, Willi Ewig and Mikkel Palmbo. They decided to go on a tour with their gyros around the island. This tour had to be well prepared, because the weather in Iceland is so unpredictable that it can change from sunshine to heavy rain within a few minutes. However, all participants have immediately fallen in love with this beautiful island.   Convince yourself and take a look here at   » more

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