18.05.2016 11:39 Uhr : Fly-In of the Fllight School Rhein-Main

From June 24.-26., 2016, the Fly-In in Mainz (EDFZ) will take place. The event of the Flight School Rhein-Main will start on Friday with the arrivals. On Saturday, there is time for flying, connecting and having fun. We also offer trainings with our flight instructors and our sunset flight at the end of the day. With a great barbeque and a nice party we will enjoy the evening together. Sunday is departure time, but we will have a great breakfast ready for you.     » more

18.05.2016 11:18 Uhr : Gyro-Tour: Flying with Floats in Stettin

The spectacular offers for gyro-tours are completed by the summertour 2016 of the flight school Rhein-Main. Come with us to Stettin and take part in a great adventure near by! Train your skills and experience unique excursions. The special highlight is our offer to fly on floats, which is still possible in Poland. With an MTOsport on Floats you may take off and enjoy the difference! The summertour will take place from July 21.-30., 2016. Get more information under takeoff[Klammeraffe]flugschule-rheinmain[Punkt]com or +49 (0) 176-61 289 519     » more

13.05.2016 16:44 Uhr : Flugwelt: Guides excursion to the Alps - 15 & 16 May 2016

On Whit Sunday and Whit Monday, the second event of Flugwelt takes place. It is a guided excursion to the Alps, St. Johann LOIJ. Please commit until the 13th May for your participation in this event. For more information please visit www.flugwelt.eu.     » more

13.05.2016 16:42 Uhr : Flugwelt: Italy Tour - 16. - 23. July 2016

From the 16th to the 23rd of July this year’s Italy tour will take place. This will be conducted by A.M. Flugwelt. The trip starts at Bruck, Germany and the first leg stage will lead to Al Casale, Italy (appx. 365km). From there, numerous excursions will lead you for example to Mazarack or Venice, San Nicolo. Further details will soon be available on www.flugwelt.eu.     » more

13.05.2016 16:39 Uhr : 40 years Tannheim Airfield EDMT - 23 & 24 July 2016

The Tannheim Airfield is celebrating its 40th anniversary and invites all pilots, students, residents and aviation enthusiasts. There’ll be a hangar party with live music on Saturday and an open day with Bavarian breakfast and music on Sunday. You also have the chance for a sightseeing flight with the entire AutoGyro fleet with the flight school Fly Zeit. You can send an email to info[Klammeraffe]fly-zeit[Punkt]com to book a flight.     » more

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