26.09.2012 11:46 Uhr : Ein besonderer Fluggast - die Präsidentin hebt ab!

Everything seemed to be the same in Costa Rica, when our partner landet with his flight student on the ground of the coastal state. But after having landed, Guido Scheidt and his student recognized the big, twin-engined aircraft being prepared for takeoff: it was the aircraft of the president. Laura Chinchilla is Costa Ricas president since May 2012 and was to be flown back to San José at that afternoon. When she saw the gyroplane some meters away from her aircraft, she moved away from the group and approached Guido. When George, a friend of Guido's, recommended her to experience the unique flight adventure, Laura Chinchilla was convinced straight away. Her captain confirmed that their departure for San José will be delayed a bit and Laura got in the MTOsport. The flight fascinated Laura, of course, and she was very impressed by the skills and possiblities of the gyroplane. Being inspired by this experience, she promised to check the possibilities of placing gyros into public projects with her ministry of the interior. Having had the possibility to chauffeur this special guest was a very big honor and pleausure for Guido! The spontaneity and the directness of the president was very impressive as well to him as to us and we wish Laura Chinchilla all the best!