The Gyroplane

Frequently asked questions about the gyroplane in general:

Is there a gyroplane for more than two people?

No, because the gyro is in the ultra light-class, we are restricted by a maximum takeoff weight of 450kg. Therefore, the gyro is limited to two people.

Is flying dangerous?

Unlike an ultra light plane we do not need a pyrotechnic parachute, as we are constantly in autorotation. Even with an engine failure the gyro can land without problems and without special landing procedures.

Is it possible to visit the factory?

In order to provide the best experience possible for our customers, we ask to you set up an appointment with us. Every year we organize a "Fly In" on the third Saturday in August, during which you are welcome to take a look behind the scenes. For current updates please feel free to visit our website or contact Guido Platzer or Ute Hoja.

Is it possible to land the gyroplane everywhere, even in my driveway?

Yes, in principle it is possible. However, we are restricted by law. Landing an aircraft in Germany is only possible on an approved airport or with a special landing permissino.

Can the MTOsport also be flown in rain or in winter?

Yes, for the cooler weather conditions we offer specific heated clothes, which could be directly connected to electrical system of the gyro. A set of heated clothes consists of heated insoles, heated trousers, a heating jacket and a pair of heated gloves.

Which international registrations are valid for our gyroplanes?

AutoGyro MT-03 & MTOsport:
- Designator: MT
- Description: G1P
- WTC: L

AutoGyro Calidus:
- Designator: CDUS
- Description: G1P
- WTC: L

AutoGyro Cavalon:
- Designator: CLON
- Description: G1P
- WTC: L

What license do I need to fly a gyroplane?

You need an aviation license for air sport pilots UL-gyroplane. If you are already in possession of an UL-area license, all you need is an operation instruction from a flight instructor and a check flight. A flight school can provide you with further details. Under "flight schools" you can find the contact information to a flight school near you.

What is the maximum altitude for a gyroplane?

Up to a height of 5000ft MSL or 3500ft GND flying without transponders is not a problem, provided that the weather conditions are acceptable. Above the mentioned altitude a transponder has to be installed, which is available as an additional option. One of our gyros has already flown over the Alps.

How long is the delivery time?

Depending on the model and order situation, the delivery time can be anywhere between 8 to 16 weeks. For more information, please feel free to contact Guido Platzer or Ute Hoja. Contact details can be found under "AutoGyro".

Where can I have my JNP and / or my 100h-check up performed?

You can have your JNP and / or 100h check-up performed in our facilities. Please contact Karsten Stolz to schedule an appointment.