07.09.: Gyro-Adventure-Day im Saarland

Our flight school partner Airbase X invites everyone to their Gyrocopter-Adventure Day. On Saturday, September 7th, 2019, you can experience the gyrocopter very closely at the main location in Saarlouis in the Saarland! Enjoy an exciting day at the airfield, get information about the possibilities and spontaneously take of into the air - the Adventure-Day makes it possible....
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AutoGyro Maintenance Courses

You would like to upgrade your skills and improve your gyro knowledge? You would like to operate the services of your gyro by yourself and get a training directly in the headquaters?...
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Around the World

One MTOsport, 32 countries, 27,000 miles - Norman Surplus is the first pilot to fly a gyrocopter around the world. It is probably the most exciting trip of his life, with which he set 19 FAI world records, including being the first to cross the Atlantic Ocean with a gyrocopter. He saw wild camels in a Saudi desert, bears in Siberia and whales in the Bering Sea. He met people from all over the world, felt the spray over Niagara Falls and was grounded in Thailand for three months repairing his...
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International Approvals

This is an incredibly huge milestone and testimony to our quality, teamwork and commitment:...
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Cavalon 915 IS: Handbook

Dear pilots, You may now download the Pilot Operating Handbook for our newest model, the Cavalon with Rotax 915 IS. It is available in German and English language under Services -> Downloads. Enjoy your flights!  
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Gyro lands on HAJ

Hannover Airport is not only some airport, it is also a world of experience. With its exhibition and its panorama terrace, the airport offers a whole world of aviation. And as of now, there is another highlight you can visit, as our AutoGyro has "landed" on the plattform....
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Start of GyroTour 2019

Finally it has started: Today, the pilots joining our partner Guido Scheidt in Costa Rica started this year's GyroTour. Guido has organized an exciting route and together the group flies with their gyros from Costa Rica to Panama, crossing the Panama Canal and taking brakes in the most beautiful places. We wish Guido and his crew lots of fun, splendid weather and beautiful experiences on this tour! You may follow our posts that we share on our social media accounts.
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New Service Bulletin

There is a new Service Bulletin available for download. Please make sure you always download and check the current information. In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Technical Support:er Support zur Seite: Click here to be forwarded to the Service Bulletins.
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Vacant Places in Maintenance Course

Dear Pilots, Partners and Customers, We are happy to offer you again vacant places in our coming Maintenance Course. It will take place in Hildesheim from May 20th - 24th, 2019, and will deal with all topics concerning our models MTOsport, Calidus and Cavalon. The course will be held in English language. You may subscribe directly via airworthiness[AtSign]auto-[Dot]gyro[Dot]com. We are looking forward to welcoming you here!
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AERO 2019: Pure High-Flyers

From Wednesday to Saturday, the AERO in Friedrichshafen opens its gates and, of course, we are there again. You will find our booth in hall B4 and we will welcome you with three wonderful aircrafts and a very clear motto: BUY NOW - FLY NOW!...
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