World Champion with the MTOsport

Great news from Hungary: A student of our partner One-Two-Fly has currently won the world championship in Popham, England, with our MTOsport. The Hungarians Vince Ferinc and his copilot Máté Dobó have shown their expertise in the autogyro tandem category (RGL2) on the FAI World Paramotor and Microlight Championships 2016. The contest has taken place in the last week of August and included tasks of navigation, economy and precision such as spot landing, short take offs or landing over an...
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AutoGyro welcomes Minister of Finances

The Minister of Finance of Lower Saxony has visited AutoGyro on Friday and we surely took him up high. In our Cavalon, Mr. Schneider was able to Enjoy the difference and the nice view on Hildesheim. Especially our world-wide commercial projects are of high interest to Mr. Schneider which he talked about with Otmar Birkner, CTO and founder of AutoGyro. We thank Minister Schneider for his visit and time and will report again, as soon as our local radio station has published its interview....
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Summertime, Vacationtime

Dear gyro friends,...
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Primary Category approval for Calidus in USA

"It is a truly historic moment," states our Chief Certification Officer Gerry Speich from the USA. Some days ago, the FAA, the US Federal Aviation Authority, started its Calidus Primary Category flight testing in Maryland. It is the first formal flight testing by the FAA of a modern generation gyroplane. Having completed the intense tests after some days of flying, the US authorities have given the approval for the release of the Type Certificate for our Calidus. The aircraft has been...
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Handover of first CavalonPRO

On Friday, June 17th, at Rochester airfield, Gerry Speich, founder of RotorSport UK Ltd and Sales and Service Ltd, and CCO of AutoGyro GmbH, was very, very, proud to hand over the first full commercial-use CavalonPRO to Keith Harding, CEO of BeyondHD – specialist film company, based at Pinewood studios (
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