A successful 1. Aviation Day

Yesterday, on September 14., Niedersachsen Aviation has arranged the 1. Aviation Day. The Initiative for Lower Saxony's aerospace industry has invited politicians, managers, pilots and interested parties to this very special day.

Despite quite stormy weather, we welcomed more than 150 guests in our Show Room for presentations and exhibition. Another highlight was the notification of a funding of Lower Saxony to the company FlyWhale which Minister Lies handed over. Moving from theory to praxis, we offered guided tours through our production site and guests flights in our Cavalon. Originally, more exhibitors wanted to fly, but due to the weather only the CoAX helicopter of EDM and our MTOsport and Cavalon started into the stormy sky above EDVM.

We thank everyone for this successful day! For more information, please click our our Facebook-Account.

Enjoy the difference!