Gyro-Tour 2019: Panama

Incomparable and unforgettable: Our Gyro-Tours offer you a completely unique possibility of travelling. Join us, take off with us and combine your passion for gyro flying with your spirit of discovery!

The currently planned Gyro-Tour of our partner in Central America is definitely something for every bucketlist. On June 3rd, 2019, he invites you on a very special trip starting from Costa Rica along the Caribbean coast to Panama. The route takes you from Tortuguero, Limon in Costa Rica, to the Pacific Ocean and via the Panama Canal to the small island of El Provenir and back to Costa Rica. The trip takes about two weeks, during which you can enjoy an all-round carefree package with the provision of your gyro, the seamless organization of the guided tour as well as the booking of hotels and meals.

For detailed information and prices as well as your direct booking please contact Guido Scheidt personally at info[AtSign]autogyroamerica[Dot]com. We wish you an unforgettable vacation - simply Enjoy the difference!


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