MTO tours German Flight Schools

Our MTOsport 2017 will come and visit your flight school in Germany! Already tomorrow, our Sales Manager and Flight Instructor Reinhard Lompa will start his tour, first heading to the flight school LetsRotate in Büren. He is looking forward to your visit, great conversations and an interesting day with all of you. So please come around and meet our MTOsport 2017! We will keep you updated on further dates of his tour.


Tour Dates:


26.06.: LetsRotate, Büren

27.06.: Ultraleichtflugschule, Oldenburg

28.06.: Ultraleichtflugzentrum, Rotenburg/Wümme

29.06.: Tragschrauber-Flugschule, Hildesheim

31.07.: Flugschule Pauseback, Haßfurth

01.08.: Flugschule Airbase-K, Speyer

02.08.: Reiner Maier Flugdienstleistungen, Freiburg

03.08.: Takeoff Aviation, Freiburg

07.08.: Schwarzwaldcopter, Stefan Kaiser

...more dates will follow soon!