Line Maintenance Calidus


Here we supply all documents for downloads which you need for maintenance works of the level "Line".



Event and Configuration Log

Inspection Protocol Cover Sheet:

AG-F-ECL-CD-EN-V3.D_DL.pdf [116 kb]

AG-F-PCS-EN-V2.A.pdf [538 kb]

Inspection Protocol 25/100 HRS:

Calidus Periodic Service Worksheet [609 kb]


Calidus Series Work Report [186 kb]

Ground Test Run:

AG-F-PGR-CD-EN-V2.A.pdf [467 kb]

Functional Test Flight:

AG-F-PTF-CD-EN-V2.A.pdf [497 kb]

Manufacturer Maintenance Manual LNE:

MMM_CD_EN_16-06-13_LNE.pdf [8,0 MB]