Your Mission. Our Platform.

Count on our customized models for businesses, governments, public services with built-in safety, cost-efficiency, and reliability

At AutoGyro, we are keen to spread unlimited flying joy and to mobilize people unconventionally. Beyond our passion of recreation flying, AutoGyro strives to facilitate aviation business and services with safe, cost-effective and reliable aircraft platforms.  

AutoGyro Gyroplanes are the direct answers to how to reduce your cost and carbon footprint. Gyroplanes perform superbly in windy and turbulent conditions, meaning our aircrafts are the perfect platform for your missions in difficult weather conditions. With a fuel burn down to less than 20ltrs/hr, and a noise footprint of less than 65dB – and the huge speed range, operational range and ultra-safe characteristics, these aircrafts are a green dream! The wide applications range of gyroplanes and their variants enables AutoGyro gyroplanes to assist public services agencies and to uplift special businesses in various industrial sectors. 

Moreover, these German engineered vehicles offer a fuel-effective and low-emission alternative to other aircraft designs, resulting in an immense reduction of costs and carbon footprints - whilst meeting stringent German noise regulations.  

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