AutoGyro is awarded

If others worship our work, it is the best compliment we can get. Therefore, we are extremely proud and happy of having been awarded in such different categories within the last years. Each one of these awards shows the range of our work and values what we accomplish every day as being an innovator, a designer, an employer and a company itself.

We look at a profound history and build upon our longterm experience. We strive for new goals and reĆ­nvent ourselves. We are reflective and visionary, diligent and couraging. Enjoy the difference is not just a claim: Our team, our worldwide AutoGyro-Family and, last but not least, our products embody this philosophy which accompanies us right from the start.


PD2018 BoB RGB Cavalon GDA WinnerWiWo GreenTecTOP10 Luftfahrt 2016


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