Factory Tour

AutoGyro is the perfect example of a real manufactory. With its production depth of 95% and a production site on 12,000 m², the visitor is given a really impressive look behind the scenes of the aircraft manufacturer. Within one and a half hours, the guided tour takes the visitor through the stages of the gyro’s development and informs about their technique, their application and the company’s exciting history.

Enjoy the difference!


Basic conditions:

Thanks for your interest in our company and our products! We are happy to welcome groups with up to 15 people in our factory halls. Our guided tour dates are dependent upon our business hours and will prefferably be coordinated from Monday til Friday between 9:00 and 15:00 o'clock according to your personal requests.

Our factory tours can be reserved for groups up to 15 people for 250,- EUR net.

Please note that it is prohibited to take photos or videos in our production. Of course there will be enough room to take pictures as a souvenir, for example in our showroom at the end of the guided tour.

We are looking forward to your request, either via phone under +49 (0) 5121-88056-00 or email to events[AtSign]auto-gyro[Dot]com.