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Service Bulletin

AG-SB-2022-01-C-EN-Calidus Mast Bracket Replacement [523 kb]

Service Information Letter

AG-SIL-2022-1-EN MTO2017 frame inspection [803 kb]



Service Bulletin

AG-SB-2021-06-C-EN Cavalon Market Upgrade [2,3 MB]

AG-SB-2021-08-B-EN IVO Motor Replacement Part [663 kb]

AG-SB-2021-05-A-EN Rotor System Inspection & Life-Limit [242 kb]

AG-SB-2021-04-EN MTO2017 Oil Temperature Sensor Re-positioning [742 kb]

AG-SB-2021-03-C-EN Oil Thermostat 92 Upgrade [839 kb]

AG-SB-2021-02-B-EN Cavalon 915iS Oil Tank To Fuel Pump Clearance [874 kb]

AG-SB-2021-01-B-EN Cavalon 915iS Lower Engine Mounting Nuts [629 kb]

Service Information Letter 

AG-SIL-2021-05-EN Engine Mount Set Tables [286 kb]

AG-SIL-2021-04-EN Garmin G3X Firmware Update For Rotax 915iS [469 kb]

AG-SIL-2021-03-EN Removal Of AutoGyro 5 Year Rubber Hose Replacement Req... [425 kb]

AG-SIL-2021-02-EN Pneumatic Clutch - Plate Wear Limits [447 kb]

AG-SIL-2021-01-Bosch Fuel Filter F5273 Replacement Item [411 kb]

Service Letter (External)

SL-912 i-017 915 i-012 Conditions relating to the limited extended warranty for ROTAX 912 i and 915 i [66 kb]

SB UL-02-2021 R 00 EN [193 kb]

DULV SI-2021-001 [328 kb]



Service Bulletins

AG-SB-2020-07-B-EN MTO2017 Antenna Re-positioning [969 kb]

AG-SB-2020-06-C-EN Calidus Air Filter Optional Position For Hot Countrie... [851 kb]

AG-SB-2020-05-B-EN Cavalon 915iS Lower Engine Cowling Heat Protection [925 kb]

AG-SB-2020-04-B-EN Cavalon Magnetometer Re-Positioning [1,3 MB]

AG-SB-2020-03-B-EN MTO2017 915 Intercooler Mounting Bracket Mod [915 kb]

AG-SB-2020-02-B-ENr2 Cavalon Oil Thermostat Assembly Upgrade [1,2 MB]

AG-SB-2020-01-B-EN Rotor Head III Teeter Stop Assy Screws [873 kb]

Service Information Letter 

AG-SIL-2020-03-EN Woodcomp Propeller Balancing [778 kb]

AG-SIL-2020-02-EN Nose Wheel Fork Inspection [982 kb]

AG-SIL-2020-01-EN MTO2017 915iS Cavalon 915iS G3X Inst [287 kb]

Service Letter (External)

Woodcomp Service Bulletin 08 00 EN v1r2 [677 kb]



Service Bulletins

AG-SB-2019-04-A-EN Cavalon Engine Mounting Bolts - Out Of Phase Check-To... [767 kb]

AG-SB-2019-03-B-EN Cavalon Tank Cap O-Ring Replacement [819 kb]

AG-SB-2019-02-B-EN Cavalon (Rotorhead lll) MTO2017 Pitch Trim Pressure ... [1,9 MB]

AG-SB-2019-01-A-EN Presence Of Mast Drain Hole [1,4 MB]

Service Information Letter 

AG-SIL-2019-03-EN Rotor Blade Inspection [765 kb]

AG-SIL-2019-02-B-EN MTO Sport Airframe Inspection [960 kb]

AG-SIL-2019-01-B-EN Calidus airframe inspection [3,4 MB]



Service Bulletins

AG-SB-2018-07-B-EN Ivo motor controller software update V2 [2,4 MB]

AG-SB-2018-06-B-EN Super B Battery exchange [356 kb]

AG-SB-2018-05-B-EN Pneumatic Clutch lll (2017) - Pressur [369 kb]

AG-SB-2018-04-A-EN Calidus front fork top steering plate replacement [321 kb]

AG-SB-2018-03-C-EN GSRotax engine life extension [438 kb]

AG-SB-2018-02-B-EN Capacitor Cavalon [2,4 MB]

Service Information Letter 

AG-SIL-2018-06-B-EN Brake Cleaner - Substitution With Würth 7063 [341 kb]

AG-SIL-2018-05-C-EN Alternative for Aluminium Anti Seize Spray [303 kb]

AG-SIL-2018-04-B-EN IVO Propeller - Lubrication of Shaft [651 kb]

AG-SIL-2018-03-A-EN Coolant level indicator [370 kb]

AG-SIL-2018-02-C-EN Life limited parts update [217 kb]

AG-SIL-2018-01-B-EN Software Upgrade digital ASI and ALTI [1,6 MB]



Service Bulletins

AG-SB-2017-05-B-EN IVO-prop gearbox overhaul [920 kb]

AG-SB-2017-04-B-EN - Cavalon rudder cable wirelocking [457 kb]

AG-SB-2017-03-B-EN - MT03 control rod [433 kb]

AG-SB-2017-02-C-EN - Calidus compressor fuse [426 kb]

AG-SB-2017-01-C-EN - shunt measuring protection [347 kb]

Service Information Letter 

AG-SIL-2017-01-A-EN Calidus frame mast inspection [470 kb]



AG-SB-2016-07-B-EN - clamp water hose kit [535 kb]

AG-SB-2016-06-B-EN - Cavalon fuel-tank inlay ring.pdf [715 kb]

AG-SB-201-005-B-EN - MTseries suspension bow.pdf [146 kb]

AG-SB-2016-04-C-EN – Replacement Muffler tube Cavalon and Calidus.pdf [384 kb]

AG-SB-2016-03-B-EN – Replacement Oil Pump Adaptor.pdf [201 kb]

AG-SB-2016-02-C-EN – Installation of PPC Clamp.pdf [266 kb]

AG-SB-2016-01-B-EN – Replacement Expansion Tank MTOsport.pdf [725 kb]



AG_MI_2015-02-C-EN - Change of Measurement Method from CHT to CT.pdf [324 kb]

AG_MI_2015-01-C-EN - Crimp Connection 10 mm2 Wires.pdf [174 kb]



AG_MI_2014-06-C-EN - Crimp Connection Pump Relay Cable.pdf [263 kb]

AG_MI_2014-05-C-EN - Fuel Pump Relay.pdf [611 kb]

AG_MI_2014-04-C-EN - Fuel Pump Relay.pdf [298 kb]

AG_MI_2014-03-B-EN - Pre-Rotator Bendix Gear.pdf [196 kb]

AG_MI_2014-01-C-EN - Connector for Micro Switch.pdf [214 kb]





2012_02_ManufacturerBulletin_NoseGearRubberDamper_EN.PDF [505 kb]

2012_01_ManufacturerBulletin_Teeterstops_EN.pdf [380 kb]



2011_01_CustomerInformation_IVO_Resistor.pdf [1,7 MB]



2010_04_CustomerInformation_Rotorsystem.pdf [1,0 MB]

2010_03_CustomerInformation_PrerotatorPulley.pdf [918 kb]
2010_02_CustomerInformation_LowFuelSensor.pdf [767 kb]
2010_01_CustomerInformation_FuelTanks.pdf [788 kb]


2008_03_CustomerInformation_BatteryBridgeLink.pdf [710 kb]

2008_02_CustomerInformation_FuelTankBreatherHose.pdf [778 kb]
2008_01_CustomerInformation_Bendix.pdf [186 kb]