Around the World

One MTOsport, 32 countries, 27,000 miles - Norman Surplus is the first pilot to fly a gyrocopter around the world. It is probably the most exciting trip of his life, with which he set 19 FAI world records, including being the first to cross the Atlantic Ocean with a gyrocopter. He saw wild camels in a Saudi desert, bears in Siberia and whales in the Bering Sea. He met people from all over the world, felt the spray over Niagara Falls and was grounded in Thailand for three months repairing his G-YROX.

We are incredibly proud and grateful that Norman has chosen an AutoGyro for this lifetime trip. Nine years after having taken off from a football field in his home town of Larne, Northern Ireland, the 56 year old has come straight to the AutoGyro stand at the EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh. He will write a book about his flight and his experiences and we are very excited about it. The entire AutoGyro team congratulates Norman on his performance!


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