AutoGyro GmbH News 01.06.2021

A new day dawns for AutoGyro GmbH as the company restarts under new ownership!

Great news for everyone involved, owners, operators, maintainers and instructors. With over 3000 aircraft in operation worldwide, there are a lot of stakeholders dependent on the future success of AutoGyro! And we are here for all of you.

So, what of the future?

Over the last twelve months the AutoGyro team has pushed ahead hard with improvements, even in these tough times, and our latest generation aircraft represent a leap forward in ultra-smooth flight, a result of intense effort on vibration reduction. Want to see this for yourself? Call us to learn where you can fly with these wonderful improvements!

And this package of improvements is not just for new aircraft. Recognising that the modifications will benefit all our Cavalon and Calidus fleet, AutoGyro will release upgrade packages so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of higher pre rotation speeds, lower vibration, 120mph Vne, Cavalon and MTOsport 2017 915iS, and enhanced performance. Watch for the AutoGyro website for bulletins.

What else has the AutoGyro team been focused on?

Product reliability, comfort, and ease of operation.

Multiple minor improvements to the Rotax 915iS engine installation and operation, based on lessons learned in the first two years of operation. AutoGyro now has around 100 Rotax 915iS powered Cavalons and MTOsports 2017 in operation, the largest fleet of any gyroplane manufacturer worldwide implementing the Rotax 915iS and therefore has a huge amount of operational feedback.

To minimise pilot workload, especially while flying Night VFR missions, and maximise the fun factor, we have developed a single-lever control system for our aircraft fitted with in-flight variable VP propellers. This means that the propeller management system automatically controls the propeller pitch in-line with the power setting for maximum performance and low fuel burn. Another leap ahead!

And for those travelling long distances, or operating the aircraft for commercial purposes, AutoGyro is incorporating an Autopilot option. Based on the ultra-dependable Garmin system, and integrating with the Garmin G5, this is a state-of-the-art development, and builds on the operation of these system in Cavalons in the USA.

You want a certificated high-resolution camera system for aerial surveillance, one that is actually legal to operate worldwide? AutoGyro is the only company who can, legally, do this, because only AutoGyro has the aircraft accreditations needed. This integrated system solution will shortly enter service, as AutoGyro gyroplanes enter active fleet commercial operations.

This then drives a need for well-trained pilots, instructors, maintainers, and reliable and robust aircraft – benefiting all parts of the gyroplane market, whether flying for fun, or as a profession for commercial operations.

We have heard the call for more basic flying too, and have not forgotten our roots , or that not everyone wants a Rotax 915iS engine, or a long-distance cruiser; all our aircraft are still available with lower power, and we continue to manufacture the MTOsport 2010 – the ‘classic’ - fitted with a Rotax 912ULS or a Rotax 914UL engine. The MTOsport classic are at a very competitive price, as our entry level robust workhorse, and of course are fabulous fun to fly.

Want to know more? Contact your regional Sales Partner, they are all ready and waiting to help!

The AutoGyro Team is also taking a different approach to our service support. As part of the global restructuring of AutoGyro you can expect to see a very different approach to service training and service information availability, as we make more effective use of media platforms and video tutorials. Our aim is that everyone who services our aircraft anywhere in the world has access to the latest and clearest service instructions, to enable the safest service outcome.

With Covid restrictions easing around the world, recreational flying has restarted. For those of you taking to the air after a long time on the ground, please take to ensure your aircraft is fit to fly, with the latest SB’s and SIL’s embodied. And of, course that you as the pilot are also ready to fly.

Gerald Speich, Co-CEO with Aleksandra Witkowska, never really stopped flying, using his reliable Cavalon as his company transport. In the last 12 months this aircraft made more than 20 international trips back and forth between the UK and AutoGyro Headquarters in Hildesheim, Germany, averaging 550nm each way, with one refuelling stop. That is the equivalent of flying halfway around the world.

What a great way to demonstrate the aircraft durability and range, and to deliver aircraft to the re-opening UK market.

Cav News

A stunning new Cavalon at Le Touquet for refuelling, en-route to the UK.

Finally, the entire AutoGyro Family wants to thank our extended family around the world for their wonderful support during the past months, as AutoGyro flies forward out of the past, and into a strong and vibrant future. We hope that you will all join us for what we plan to be a fabulous flight!

Your AutoGyro Team.