Safe Life Limits

To all AutoGyro Owners/Operators/Pilots

Recent investigation has shown that some AutoGyro aircraft may not be maintained in line with AutoGyro service instructions, particularly with regard to operational safe life limits.
There are two life-limited parts on AutoGyro aircraft, limited by hours in service:

1. Main rotor bearing safe life; 1500hrs at operational max take-off mass to 560kg.
2. Rotorsystems
a. Rotorsystem I. Life limited to 700hrs (UK), other markets permit use to 1500hrs, at maximum take-off mass to 500kg
b. Rotorsystem II. Life limited to 2,500hrs, at maximum take-off mass to 560kg.

Life limits are based on detailed stress analysis, predicted service conditions, and calculations. They are imposed because we know that the aircraft can be operated safely within these limits and that the likelihood of failure increases progressively outside the limits.

By way of this letter, AutoGyro expressly requests all owner/operators/pilots to ensure that their aircraft are maintained and operated within the Aircraft Maintenance Manual limits and requirements. Service Bulletins and Service Information Letters are all freely available from the AutoGyro or Partner websites. Specifically, AG-SIL-2019-03-B-EN, issued in 2019, gives very clear instructions for rotor blade checks and service limits.

Please fly safe!

DULV SI-2021-001 [328 kb]

AutoGyro Safe life limits letter [870 kb]