Fraunhofer researches at AutoGyro

Utilizing the gyro as a "sensor plattform" is the goal of Prof. Dr. Jens Bongartz's team of the Fraunhofer Institute for High Frequency Physics and Radar Techniques. Since 3,5 years, the scientists research, develope and check with great success and have already presented their work on our stand at the AERO 2016. Now, they visited theAutoGyro factory and have presented their project to a small delegation. During the last days, the MTOsport with the Institute's special camera has flown and collected stunning picture data. With this project aerial views can be taken and collected for e.g. geological, hydrological or agricultural issues. A truely exciting project and a great collaboration between the Fraunhofer Institute FHR and AutoGyro. Enjoy the difference!



AutoGyro Fraunhofer 201609 001 AutoGyro Fraunhofer 201609 037 AutoGyro Fraunhofer 201609 062