The Gravionic-Gyro

The task: efficient high resolution airborne gravity survey in the Kalahari of Namibia. The solution: the AutoGyro Cavalon!

Together with the Institute of Flight Guidance and Control of the Technical University Braunschweig, the specialist team of the Gravionics GmbH realized an exciting project. Here, our Cavalon offers the platform and is thanks to its unique characteristics the ideal partner for this mission.

After around 20 months of research and development, the team had developed an improved gravity system which is, compared to traditional gravity systems based on larger twin-engine airplanes, able to fly at low altitudes (e.g. 10 to 30 meter above the ground) at a very slow speed (50 to 80 km/h). This `low and slow` capability is the key to enable outstanding high resolution airborne gravity results. Furthermore, the Cavalon realizes safe high resolution airborne surveying at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional airborne platforms.

We are very happy about this intense and successful collaboration which proves once more: The gyro is the ideal platform for most divers missions! What's your vision?

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