The UK CAA approves the installation and use of the 3-axis Garmin GFC-500 Autopilot on Cavalon

After extensive durability and development testing, the AutoGyro team is proud to announce that the UK CAA has approved the installation and use of the 3-axis Garmin GFC-500 Autopilot on the Cavalon aircraft.

The integration of this system provides AutoGyro recreational and commercial pilots with a unique function, which is not available on any other type. The new feature can substantially reduce pilots’ workload and fatigue on longer distance flights.

The CEO of AutoGyro GmbH, Gerald Speich, who carried out much of the endurance testing, says: “the system is remarkable. I have flown legs of hundreds of miles under full autopilot aircraft management, using GPS navigation linked directly to the autopilot, as well as under heading or track control. The accuracy of altitude, attitude, and directional control is excellent, leaving me time to focus on other piloting tasks – and to enjoy the journey!”

On October 20, the first Cavalon equipped with a fully certified Autopilot by the UK CAA was handed over to the customer in Rochester. Another ten orders of aircraft with Autopilot have been accepted by AutoGyro, showing the popularity of this new option.

Cavalon with Autopilot WhatsApp Image 2022-10-21 at 11.12.03 AM (1). DSC06857 (1). DSC06845