USA approves 915 Type Certificate

The AutoGyro Group is very pleased to announce that the US Federal Aviation Authority has released the Type Certificate Amendment for the release of the fuel-injected 141hp Rotax 915iS engine into our Red Dot design award-winning, and utterly fabulous, Cavalon and MTOsport 2017 gyroplanes.

Fitted with either fixed pitch HTC or the constant speed Woodcomp KW-30 propeller, this configuration is a phenomenal world-beating package.

And these aircraft are the only factory built gyroplanes in the world with a US Primary Category Approval, able to undertake both recreational and commercial activities!

So what does this mean? These aircraft were Type Certified in July 2019 with the Rotax 914 115hp engine. This new engine and propeller configuration offer lower cruise fuel burn, lower noise, lower emissions, and yet when used at full power a huge climb rate at maximum take off weight of some 1000 fpm. And an extremely short take off distance, and still available to operate in day, or day and night VFR versions.

Too good to be true? No. We are AutoGyro. We are that good..

Learn more about these amazing machines, and be part of this AutoGyro revolution. Enjoy the Difference, Fly AutoGyro. Fly the Best.