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Dear Customers,
Dear Business Partners,

We sincerely hope that you and all your staff members are healthy and stay safe.

The Federal Government has defined a comprehensive catalogue of measures to contain the coronavirus, which already has a strong impact on social and cultural life. It is currently assumed that further rules of conduct will be recommended or prescribed. This will lead to additionalr changes in the daily work routine. We at AutoGyro accept our social responsibility and would like to do our part, to protect all business partners as well as our employees in the best possible way. AutoGyro has already created all the technical prerequisites to support our business activities via to handle home office workstations. In principle the company continues to run as normal, albeit on reduced hours and with some home-working. The purchase and financial departments continue to work as normal. Your supply with AutoGyro products is therefore ensured.

Due to the situation we have decided to limit the travel activities of our employees to essential travel only. No customer or other business meetings will be held in the AutoGyro offices unless essential to business continuation. Appointments and meetings are requested to be by telephone or online (for example via Microsoft Teams or GoToMeeting). These means are already in place.

The internet still works; so communication via e-mail is of course available without restrictions. And the telephone is still available too.

Please contact us in case of difficulties and questions so that we can work out possible solutions together.

We are convinced that this will help us to overcome the challenging time for all of us with the usual partnership approach.

We wish you and your team good health!

AutoGyro Team