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AutoGyro Calidus is now fully released to the French market at an increased maximum take-off weight

With the strong support from our AutoGyro French Partner Fly Aero, one more AutoGyro model is fully approved and released to the French market. The AutoGyro Calidus has now been approved to the French ultralight aircraft standard with an MTOW (maximal take-off weight) of 500kg and is available to French customers with immediate effect.

Calidus is our tandem seated gyroplane model with a closed cabin. Since the market release in 2009, Calidus is particularly favoured by flight schools, tourism, and law enforcement agencies. Thanks to the built-in cabin heater and adjustable seat position, this gyroplane model offers an excellent combination of cabin comfort and a unique flying experience. This configuration provides the passenger in the rear seat an indoor lounge environment without losing the panorama view in the air.

Fly Aero has been partnered with AutoGyro since 2005. They are fully authorized as a distribution and maintenance partner of AutoGyro. Apart from the updated Calidus, the AutoGyro models of Cavalon, MTOclassic and MTOsport 2017 are also available for French customers. For more details, please contact Stéphane Kübler from Fly Aero direct via