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AutoGyro – The Ultimate Recreational Gyroplane

AutoGyro is the ultimate recreational gyroplane producer, offering a wide variety of gyroplane models for a range of applications. Whether you’re looking for an aircraft for personal use or flight schools/sightseeing, AutoGyro has the perfect solution for you.

AutoGyro has focussed on providing the right range of aircraft to suit your personal needs, such as factory built ready-to-fly, factory assist kits in Germany, or kits for local assembly.

The long standing MTOsport ‘classic’. This aircraft is an open two seat tandem machine, loved all over the world. It is effectively a minimalistic motorcycle of the skies, quick and nimble, simple, and easy to maintain. Sold all around the world and so much fun to fly!

The MTOsport 2017. This aircraft is also a two-seat tandem machine. But a top-of-the-range, fabulous looking, ‘Goldwing’ style aircraft. Superbly comfortable with heated seats, lumber support, easy-adjustable seat and pedal positions in both seats and a long range 96-liter fuel tank. A long-distance cruiser, yet even with all this comfort it is still wonderfully agile, and quick too. And with a full range of engine options from the Rotax 912ULS to the 916iS (when available).

The Calidus. When released in 2009, this was the first formally approved factory-built-two-seat tandem gyroplane in the world. Fast, nimble, a stunning view, and warm too. A pilot’s dream!  Get in, close the canopy, smile, and fly. This year the aircraft has been upgraded with a taller canopy and Woodcomp constant speed propeller, adding a new sparkle to the Calidus grin.

The Cavalon. After AutoGyro released Calidus, our pilots told us that they wanted to sit side by side, to share the AutoGyro smiles with their passengers. So, we devised the stunning Cavalon, probably the most comfortable and highly regarded gyroplane in the world. With easy-adjustable seats, seat angle, and pedal positions, a hot water-based heater system with full flow control, easy-to-remove doors for warm weather flying, and a huge range of options, this aircraft is nearly impossible to beat. Then add a 4-hour range from the 100-liter fuel tank and the latest fuel-injected engines from Rotax. This aircraft is pure luxury.

Add into these AutoGyro’s latest options; amphibious floats, large tundra wheels, an envious colour range, and much more. You might wonder what else AutoGyro could offer?

Well, there is the Gyromotion. Gyromotion Calidus and Cavalons are real, actual, road-legal gyroplanes, safely operating in the air and on the ground. Created in our Partner company, Nirvana, these have been seen around the world. A sign of times to come.

AutoGyro’s commitment to safety and quality is evident in all its recreational models, ensuring that each aircraft is built to the highest standards. The company’s wide range of models also ensures that you can find the perfect aircraft for your specific needs, whether you’re looking for a gyroplane for leisurely flights or more advanced flying maneuvers.

In addition to its recreational models, AutoGyro also champions a range of training programs for those looking to become gyroplane pilots. These programs are designed to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to become competent and confident gyroplane pilots.

A worldwide backup system of spare parts and service centres to keep your beautiful AutoGyro safely airborne.

In conclusion, AutoGyro is the ultimate recreational gyroplane producer, offering a wide range of models for a variety of applications. So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to own one of the world’s most advanced and versatile gyroplanes. Contact us or your local sales Partner today!