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How we make sure our AutoGyros keep you safer.

Safer? AutoGyros are certified to the highest gyroplane ‘Airworthiness Requirements’ in the world, and AutoGyro is rightly proud of this accreditation. No other manufacturer has our level of approvals, ranging from Europe to the USA, to China, and beyond.

But what is certification, and why does it matter to you?  The word certification comes from; certus facere (lat.) = “to make something safe”.

A certification is a “third party” endorsement that shows that AutoGyro has a product that meets:

    • International standards
    • Industry-specific specifications
    • Technical Rules

It matters because the standards that AutoGyro and AutoGyro gyroplanes conform to, means that the aircraft has been properly tested and proven to carry you in safely, reliably, time after time. AutoGyro certifies your aircraft to the toughest combined requirements of:

    • UK BCAR Section T and CRI E-01 (full Standard Category Certificate of Airworthiness)
    • USA and China ASTM
    • German BUT
    • USA Primary Category

What is the difference between these standards?

There are generally four levels of certification approval for your gyroplane.

Experimental kits (mainly the USA). These are either factory assist or homebuilt kits, and normally fly for fun or pilot training. Here no specific certification is needed.

The Ultralight (UL) or Permit to Fly category (UK). Generally, this approval is limited to flying for fun, pilot training, and possibly for hire. Certification Requirements are normally the German BUT, UK Section T, ASRA, or ASTM. All these standards are based on the UK Section T.

Primary Category Certificate of Airworthiness (USA). This approval allows the aircraft to be used for flying for fun to aerial work, excepting the carriage of goods or persons. Only AutoGyro has gyroplanes approved to this high standard.

Full Certificate of Airworthiness. This allows the aircraft to be used for pretty much anything it is equipped for; from flying for fun, to air taxi work. Certification Requirements are the UK CRIE-01, or EASA and FAA Part 27. Only AutoGyro has gyroplanes approved to this high standard.

So, whether you just want to fly for fun, or for a more serious purpose, Autogyro has the right certification for you,

And thanks to the company and product certifications held, AutoGyro GmbH is approved to build gyroplanes complete and ready to fly in the production factory in Hildesheim Germany, for shipment around the world. Supplied with all the formal release documentation that would be expected of a top-class aircraft manufacturer, enabling you – our customer – to get fast and easy local airworthiness approval.

Each model is shown in the overview table to show which model is certified in which country. Individual country regulations and approvals can be complex; AutoGyro has the rare resources and experience to support you, wherever your country of operation is. So leave the paperwork with us, go fly, and wear an AutoGyro smile!

Fly Safe. Fly AutoGyro.

These approval documents are available from AutoGyro.

Please contact us for copies via the contact page.