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The ubiquitous MTOsport has been the mainstay of the AutoGyro fleet since production started in 2003. Now renamed the MTOclassic to differentiate it from the later 2017 model, demand for this much-loved machine remains very strong around the world – even after some 20 years of production.

The MTOsport tandem seat gyroplane is probably the best known in the world. With thousands in service, most gyroplane flight schools either own one, operate one, or used them at some point in their existence. Not only are these aircraft great looking, reliable, and easy to maintain, but most importantly they are amazing fun to fly!

Can you imagine the enjoyment to be had when flying in the elements, high in the air? Here is your chariot to take you there.

The rugged stainless-steel airframe withstands the rigours of years of service, and because no paint is needed, incredibly easy to inspect even after thousands of hours and decades of years in service. Maintenance of MTOclassics is easy, with no cowlings to remove, and easy-service Rotax 912 or 914 series engines,

The Aluminium rotors, chosen for robustness and reliability (composite rotors tend to suffer in high and low temperatures, and suffer rain erosion), chop through whatever the weather throws at them.

Robustness and reliability are key features of the MTOclassic. AutoGyro is rightly proud of its safety features. The MTOsport 2017 provides excellent protection with well-tested safety harnesses and multiple safety systems. This is where the years and years of AutoGyro’s experience count.

In today’s world where regulations are critical, there is inevitably a need for paperwork. The MTOclassic has multiple local country approvals across the world, as factory built and kit-built aircraft. Irrespective of paperwork, the AutoGyro MTOclassic is an established and internationally acknowledged safe aircraft.

This is why the Turkish Jandarma chose AutoGyro as their aircraft supplier for their aerial gyroplane fleet!

Whether you are flying for leisure or have a specific purpose in mind, such as running a flying school, or simply flying for fun, AutoGyro offers a wide range of aircraft packages tailored to meet your needs.

Contact us to discuss your dreams, and we can help you make them a reality!

Enjoy the difference

  • Fantastic all-round view
  • Easy and great fun to fly
  • Low purchase price, insurance, and maintenance costs
  • Reliable and robust Rotax 912ULS and 914UL engines
  • 68-liter fuel tanks, safe 3-hour range
  • Safe and reliable design, as verified by 20 years of service
  • Over 2000 MTOsports in service, meaning huge service experience around the world.
Pricing Starts at: Rotax 912 ULS : €65,290.00 | Rotax 914 UL : €79,160.00
Prices are as is at June 2024 and subject to change without notice.

Prices are ex-works and do not include taxes, shipping cost, import- or customs duties or fees

Technical Overview

Technical DetailsModel Details

L x W x H (exlude rotor)

5.1 m x 1.9 m x 2.7 m (17.06 ft x 5.85 ft x 9.1 ft)

Rotor Length

8.4 m | 8.6 m | 8.8 m (27.3 ft | 27.95 ft | 28.6 ft)

Empty Weight

265 kg (585 lbs)

MTOM (Max. Take-Off Mass)

450 to 560 kg (992 to 1235 lbs)


Rotax 912 ULS | 914 UL

Take-off distance

70 to 110 m (230 to 360 ft)

Take-off distance, to clear 15 m (45 ft) obstacle

250 to 260 m (820 to 850 ft)

Climb rate

Up to 4.8 m/s (945 fpm)

Max. endurance

Up to 4.5 flight hours

Max. range

Up to 550 km (330 miles)

Cruise speed

120 km/h (75 mph)

Max. speed (Vne)

180 km/h (112 mph)

Fuel capacity

65 L (17 US gallons)

Comply with

BUT (Germany), Section T (UK), ASRA (Australia), USA Experimental Category
Technical data can vary regarding country-specific legal requirements

*2: typical aircraft configuration, 1 pilot (80kg), 40 ltr fuel, 2000 ft MSL
*3: typical aircraft configuration, 1 pilot (80kg), max fuel, 2000 ft MSL

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