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Our products for your safety

We all love our flying and have to maintain our wonderful gyroplanes to keep us in the air. At AutoGyro our focus is on maximizing the fun of flying with safety and quality. Our service offers all possibilities, and our offers are just as individual as you are. No matter if new or used gyros, in Germany or at the other end of the globe, if it is a spare part or a guarantee package – at AutoGyro we care for you and your wishes.

Discover what we have prepared for you and Enjoy The Difference!

We care for you

Our Maintenance Partners are trained exclusively by our engineers in our workshops. All around the globe, our Partners are ready to care for you and your gyros. We have shown on the map as many Maintenance Partners as practical, you may also need to contact our international Sales Partners if there are none close to you.

Would you also like to become an AutoGyro Maintenance Partner and qualify accordingly through our courses?
Or are you already a certified mechanic and want to carry out maintenance work on our gyros?

You can find all information on how to qualify here in our leaflet:  AutoGyro MaintCertification [210 kb]
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Technical Support.

Maintenance Partners

25 and 100 hr maintenance

We require a regular maintenance check according to our maintenance list and handbook after the first 25 hours of operation, at 100hrs, or once per year, whichever occurs first. Our maintenance documentation is available to our worldwide partners, who can complete all service and maintenance requirements for you. Our partners are regularly trained to qualify and maintain their technical qualification.
Some parts which are prone to wear and tear should be replaced regularly to maintain the reliability and value of your machine; replacement parts will include the latest updates and improvements.

You would like to get an appointment at a service station close to you? Ask your Maintenance Partner for more information.

Annual Inspection Requirements

Most countries require an annual inspection of the aircraft. In Germany, this is a legal requirement.

Please discuss the service requirements with your AutoGyro Partner to ensure you have a good understanding of how to keep your aircraft legal and safe.

In Germany the following documents are required by the Inspector:

  • Registration papers
  • Insurance papers
  • Noise evaluation
  • Test protocol (last time)
  • Test certificate (last time)
  • Weight and balance (last time)
  • Avionics protocol (last time)
  • EASA Form 1 (only with built-in radio / transponder)
  • Registration with the Federal Network Agency
  • Service records

You would like to make an appointment for your Annual Inspection? Please contact your Maintenance Partner for more information.

Annual Inspection