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Introducing the AutoGyro MTOamphib – the ultimate amphibious gyroplane designed for professional use. The MTOamphib aircraft is a top-quality choice for pilots seeking enhanced performance, versatility, and safety. It has a powerful Rotax engine and can safely operate on both land and water, making it ideal for diverse professional operations. With its lightweight construction and intuitive handling, pilots can operate it easily and safely in various environments.

The floats fitted feature pneumatically operated fully retractable wheels (‘gear’), and are based on existing, proven, float technology.

Along with its remarkable performance, the AutoGyro MTOamphib comes equipped with a variety of advanced safety features, including LED gear position indicators. With robust airframe and modern avionics, this aircraft offers unparalleled safety and reliability, ensuring your peace of mind while in the air.

Whether you’re looking to conduct surveillance operations or search and rescue missions, the AutoGyro MTOamphib is the perfect choice for professional pilots. This gyroplane is specifically designed to boost your productivity and performance with its advanced capabilities and versatility.

Main application areas:

  • Unique tourist experience, take-off and land, both from land and water
  • Maritime, river, and lake monitoring and rescue 
  • Coastal patrol

So don’t miss out on the opportunity to own one of the world’s most advanced and versatile gyroplanes. Order your AutoGyro MTOamphib today and experience the ultimate in professional aviation.

The Float package is available as a new-build option or retrofit kit. It may be necessary to obtain approval from the local aviation authority.

Enjoy the difference

  • True 360-degree view for maximum observation capability
  • Sea or inland water operation, takeoff and landing
  • Fully amphibious operation
  • Nose-mounted camera capability
  • Stainless steel unpainted airframe; easy to inspect and no corrosion
  • Stainless steel fastenings
  • Rear seat observer/camera operator
  • Superb safety for offshore operations
  • Long-range 96 liter fuel tank
  • Can be supplied with dual or multiple radio systems for combined aerial and marine communications
  • No need for a lifeboat; you are flying in one!
  • A friendly face for serious coastal patrol missions.

Technical Specifications

Technical DetailsModel Details

L x W x H (exclude rotor)

5.25 m x 1.9 m x 2.8 m (17.06 ft x 5.85 ft x 9.1 ft)

Rotor length

8.6 m | 8.8 m (27.95 ft | 28.6 ft)

Empty weight

300 kg (660 lbs)

MTOM (Max. Take-Off Mass)

560 to 650 kg (1235 to 1433 lbs) Depending on market limitations


Rotax 912 ULS | 914 iS | 915 iS | 916 iS

Take-off distance

110 m (361 ft) Depending on water conditions

Take-off distance, to clear 15 m (45 ft) obstacle

250 to 260 m (820 to 850 ft)

Climb rate:

Up to 6.0 m/s (1170 fpm)

Max. endurance 

Up to 5.5 hours

Max. range 

Up to 550 km (330 miles)

Cruise speed

90-185 km/h (55-110mph)

Fuel capacity

65 to 96 L (17 to 25 US gallons)

Comply with

BUT (Germany), Section T (UK), ASRA (Australia), US Primary Category, USA Experimental Category & CCAR-21 (China). However, the carriage of goods or people and associated requirements vary by country, consult with your responsible aviation authority.

Technical data can vary regarding country-specific legal requirements
*2: typical aircraft configuration, 1 pilot (80kg), 40 ltr fuel, 2000 ft MSL
*3: typical aircraft configuration, 1 pilot (80kg), max fuel, 2000 ft MSL

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