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AutoGyro Presents Green Airborne Solutions at Helitech EXPO 2021 in London

At the Helitech EXPO 2021 which was held on 5th and 6th October in London, AutoGyro has presented green airborne solutions for professional applications and showcasing safe, cost-effective and reliable aircraft platforms which are specialized for business, public services and governments.

Five product variants from AutoGyro product portfolio are designed and customized for professional applications: Cavalon / MTOsport Sentinel with built-in day and infrared camera, Cavalon Surveying with scanners, MTOnautic with floats, MTOagric & MTOterminator with spray equipment, and MTOtrigo with extra seats. The application range varies from surveillance, search and rescue, coast patrol, airborne laser scanning, 3D city modeling to pest control, medical evacuation and goods transportation.

All of them are fully certified by multiple national aviation authorities and even operate with standard category Certificates of Airworthiness. With a fuel burn down to less than 20L/H, and a noise footprint of less than 65dB, AutoGyro gyroplanes are the direct solution to reducing operational cost and carbon footprint. 

This year, AutoGyro is strategically expanding its market of professional applications. Co-CEO of AutoGyro GmbH Gerry Speich said: “We want to showcase our expertise in state-of-the-art and green airborne solutions. We are already the market leader in this area, and it is time to show the world what AutoGyro can do.” 

The AutoGyro models for professional application are widely accepted by global customers. With these versatile professional platforms, AutoGyro is aiming to assist public services agencies and uplift special businesses in multiple industrial sectors.