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Turkish Jandarma Report
Cavalon Sentinel Fleet | Aerial Surveillance
Use Case

Major police force benefits from
integrating a Cavalon Sentinel fleet

Learn first-hand from Turkish Jandarma Havacilik about the economic advantages and their experience when using AutoGyro gyroplanes instead of helicopters for aerial surveillance tasks. Equipped with cameras and autopilot, our AutoGyro Cavalon Sentinels have proved immensely successful for traffic monitoring and other missions – in a very cost-effective, practical and sustainable manner.

The Gendarmerie Aviation Department has provided impressive insights, including the procurement process, experience and expansion plans for fleet and use cases.

Read the excerpts or the complete interviews with the Jandarma responsibles in the special issue of „Defence Turkey“ | Volume 17 | Issue 125, 2023 | Aerial Photos: Cem DOĞUT.

Cost-Effective Search and Monitoring

“Flight and maintenance costs of our helicopters are quite high. We needed a cost-effective aerial vehicle capable of performing helicopter tasks and transmitting images from the air.

The time for aerial search can be 10x longer than the time for the rescue phase using the helicopter. So we split the search and rescue mission into 2 parts.
The aerial search includes for example:

  • Searching for accident victims, drug cultivation areas, illegal immigration, tracking and locating criminals
  • Providing aerial security for VIPs
  • Ensuring security of natural gas & oil pipelines.”

Major General Ali DOĞAN
Director of Gendarmerie Aviation┃Jandarma Havacilik Turkey

Major General Ali DOĞAN Director of Gendarmerie Aviation┃Jandarma Havacilik Turkey

Operational effectiveness and expanded use

“As a result of the efforts of our R&D Department, we decided that AutoGyro gyroplanes could fulfill this role. We quickly integrated this system into our inventory, not only incorporating the electro-optical capabilities that a few of our helicopters possess but also enabling the transmission of these images to our personnel on the ground.

Subsequently, by coordinating with our units, we explored other potential areas of utilization: We expanded the inventory of AutoGyro gyroplanes by adding tasks such as: public safety, search & rescue, reconnaissance, surveillance, border security, wildfire monitoring and illicit crop monitoring.

With many more projects, we remain committed to enhancing our operational effectiveness with our approach.”

Senior Colonel Arif HAKERLER
Chief of the Gendarmerie Aviation Division┃Jandarma Havacilik Turkey

Reduced maintenance & flight costs

The maintenance and sustainment activities for our AutoGyro gyroplanes are carried out by our own technicians. The use of regular gasoline significantly reduces flight costs, making operational expenses incredibly economical. While the hourly flight cost for a helicopter is approximately US$ 3.000, for a AutoGyro gyroplane, this cost reduces to around US$ 35.”

Gendarmerie Pilot Colonel Ruhi YÜKSEL
The Commander of the Support Group at the Gendarmerie Aviation Department┃Jandarma Havacilik Turkey


  • Building up a fleet of AutoGyro Cavalon Sentinels for aerial surveillance
  • First AutoGyro Gyroplanes were delivered in the first quarter of 2023. This project was realized together with our local AutoGyro partner Sky Olympos.
  • More than 1.000 flight hours within the first four months

“As a result of these economic advantages, AutoGyro Gyroplanes have been actively employed in aerial traffic control and law enforcement tasks and are expected to be utilized for many years to come.”

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    AutoGyro Cavalon


    AutoGyro Cavalon Sentinel

    Cavalon Sentinel