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New generation: Calidus 916 iS

Calidus 916 iS – The impossible became possible

AutoGyro proudly announces the successful launch of the fastest production gyroplane in the world: Calidus 916 iS. This new generation Calidus is flying with the “impossible” Rotax engine 916 iS (160 hp) at an “impossible” new Vne of 225 km/h / 140 mph / 120 KIAS.

The sharp aerodynamics mean that Calidus is a fast cruiser, and with new fuel tank capacity of 100ltr, has a huge 650 km range. A superb combination!

The new generation also includes new aircraft options:

  • A taller optional canopy, with an additional 150mm (6”) of headroom for pilots
  • Variable rate heater controls, heated seats and lumbar support
  • Screen demist incorporated
  • Latest generation pneumatic system
  • Latest generation rotorhead and pre-rotation
  • 4-blade HTC or electric constant speed Woodcomp KW31 (electric) prop
  • Night VFR equipmenFull Garmin G3x panel, with Garmin, Trig or Funk radios and transponders
  • Leather seat cushions, customized to match the aircraft colours

The Calidus 916 iS has a maximum takeoff mass of 560 kg, an empty weight as low as 310 kg, and an engine TBO of 2000 hrs.

An impossible combination? At AutoGyro we love to make the impossible possible…

More information: Calidus – AutoGyro (