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Pilot Operating Handbooks (POH)

Follow the links below to your AutoGyro gyroplane model to be able to access the AutoGyro GmbH Pilot Operating Handbooks (POH) and Pilot Information Letters (PIL). The handbooks for AutoGyro aircraft operating under a UK or FAA type certificate is available currently via the AGC website, and will be added here soon. 
Please download the documents before each use in order to secure using the latest version at all time. AutoGyro do not formally notify of new releases.
Please respect that these documents are not allowed to be handed on to third parties.
Auto Gyro MTOclassic

MTOsport 2010

AutoGyro MTOsport 2017

MTOsport 2017

AutoGyro Calidus


AutoGyro Cavalon


AutoGyro Cavalon

Pilot Information Letter