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AutoGyro MTOagric/terminator


Proven technology is the basis for the MTOagric/terminator. The integration of off-the-shelf solutions together with the proven MTOsport 2017 aircraft assures a smooth and reliable working system.

AutoGyro engineered the rugged ‘Agric’ version in about 2016, developed this into the more advanced 2017 model, and then to the ‘terminator’ version in 2021.

The ‘Agric’ is built on the AutoGyro platform concept by fitting the MTOsport with a full pesticide delivery system mounted on the rear seat frame, releasing pesticide via a 10m boom system. An engine-driven pump ensures a reliable delivery at just the right pressure and flow rate, and in just the right geospatial position when twinned with the AgNav system.

The ‘terminator’ is a ‘hardened’ version of the ‘Agric’ designed to handle the challenges of spraying large insect infestations, such as locusts. It is a tough machine, built to withstand the associated hazards of flying within a swarm.

Included is an onboard pilot clean-air breathing system. a hardened windscreen. backup and redundant flight instrumentation and hardened air intakes, engine cooling systems, and other features. Pilot safety is our paramount interest.

What is the benefit of using a gyroplane? Pesticides are expensive, so the correct application is key:

A fixed-wing aircraft is about 60% efficient in delivery due to the delivery height and speed. But can cover large areas.

A helicopter is about 85% efficient due to the lower delivery height, but uncontrolled dispersal due to rotor downwash. A helicopter is also fuel-hungry and can be an expensive operation.

A gyroplane is about 95% efficient because it has no rotor downwash, flies slowly, and delivers the spray in the right spray density where needed. A short field landing area provides easy and fast access to a pesticide replenishment point. An appropriate sensor array used during the initial crop survey enables utilizing the collected data for precise spraying in the corresponding areas.

Gyroplanes are ideal for targeted spraying where spray accuracy is key, and the optional Agnav system takes care of the dosing in flight – and precisely adjusts the spraying to your speed and position. The MTOagric can spray quantities ranging from 1 to 40 liters per hectare.

Targeted spraying also includes specific pests such as locusts, where limited pesticide is required, and accurate delivery is essential. Perfect work for the MTOterminator.

A gyroplane delivers precisely targeted delivery at low operational cost. They do not necessarily replace helicopters or fixed-wing spray aircraft; gyroplanes operate alongside these alternative delivery systems depending on the task requirements.

Main application areas:

  • Crop spraying on the highly precisely defined area.
  • Precise pesticide dosing based on the GPS intelligent link to the spray control.
  • Hardened version for use in Locust control, utilizing special equipment for flight within locust swarms.
  • It is possible to fit floats to enable over-water or swamp operations (e.g., mosquito control).
AutoGyro MTOagric/terminator