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MTOsport Pro

Introducing the MTOsport Pro version of the AutoGyro MTOsport aircraft, compliant with UK Civil Aviation Authority requirements for a UK Standard Category Certificate of Airworthiness. This ICAO-compliant certificate is recognised across the globe, and AutoGyro is the only company in the world with this level of gyroplane certification.

This certification permits the aircraft to conduct any approved and equipped paid aerial work. It is valid, especially in Europe, where a Certificate of Airworthiness is necessary. Examples of such work include air taxi, carriage of goods, surveying, police and fire service duties, and much more.

The MTOsport Pro aircraft are equipped with a certified Rotax 915 or 916 iSc engine and a constant-speed Woodcomp propeller, ensuring optimal safety and reliability. These aircraft can be supplied either with a UK registration and Airworthiness Certificate, ready to fly under a UK PPL or CPL licence, or with a Statement of Aircraft Conformity for local country acceptance.

Certification includes day and night VFR, and IFR capability.

Most countries, where legislation permits, would recognise and verify the aircraft certification via their systems and award their equivalent. In cases where that is not practical and subject to local aviation legal limitations, the aircraft can undertake aerial work under a UK registration.

This certification is equivalent to any other certificated aircraft, such as a Cessna or Airbus, ensuring the highest level of safety and compliance for professional use. So, if you’re looking for a reliable and compliant gyroplane for your professional needs, look no further than the MTOsport Pro. Order yours today and experience the ultimate in professional gyroplane aviation.