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What is the advantage of flying a gyroplane?

One advantage of flying a gyroplane is its ability to take off and particularly land in short distances, making it useful for operations in areas with limited space or rough terrain. Gyroplanes cope with turbulence and high winds easily, making them very stable and safe in these conditions. Gyroplanes have a huge speed range, being safe and easy to fly from 0 to maximum speed. Gyroplanes are also relatively inexpensive to operate and maintain, making them a cost-effective option for many applications.

Gyroplanes are simply enormous fun to fly!

How is a gyroplane different from a helicopter?

A gyroplane is similar in appearance to a helicopter, but it differs in several key ways. A gyroplane is capable of forward flight but cannot hover in place like a helicopter, and its rotor does not provide lift during takeoff or landing. Gyroplane controls are simple and intuitive, consisting of a stick for controlling the rotor disc attitude to adjust roll and pitch, and rudder pedals to control yaw. They are easier to fly than a helicopter, and the control systems are easier and far less expensive to maintain.

How does a gyroplane fly?

A gyroplane flies by using an unpowered rotor in autorotation to generate lift, and an engine-powered propeller to provide forward thrust. As the gyroplane moves through the air, the airflow through the rotor generates lift, allowing the gyroplane to fly.

Is it dangerous to fly a gyroplane?

Gyroplanes are regarded as one of the safest aircraft on the market. Thanks to the so-called autorotation, we do not need a pyrotechnical parachute. We can navigate safely and operate a controlled landing even in emergency situations.

Do you build gyroplanes for more than two people?

Yes, we produce the MTOtrigo, a three-seat version of the MTOsport 2017. However most gyroplane markets are currently restricted to two seats only due to the maximum permitted take-off weight, so the use of the three-seat version is limited currently.

AutoGyro is working on a large multi-seat gyroplane product, coming soon… This aircraft is not in the Ultralight class and is intended as a fully certified aircraft.