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Aerial surveillance in West Africa

Key Features

  • The Cavalon Sentinel is AutoGyro’s premium side-by-side seat model, powered by the new state-of-the-art and fuel-efficient Rotax 916 iS engine.
  • AutoGyro Sentinel aircraft have an operational range of four hours, or approximately 600 kilometers, with a maximum speed up to 225 km/h / 120 Kt / 140 mph.
  • They can carry special customer-defined equipment including a high-res day-, night- and infrared camera system with real-time data downlink to mission control. This system provides a best-in-class solution in day and night conditions.
  • Equipped with a UK Civil Aviation Authority approved autopilot and customised avionics the AutoGyro Sentinel even has the capability to operate in IFR conditions.
  • The State-of-the-Art avionics can manage three independent radios simultaneously. 

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