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Author: Tatiana Vidnevskaia


Aerial surveillance in West Africa

Key Features

  • The Cavalon Sentinel is AutoGyro’s premium side-by-side seat model, powered by the new state-of-the-art and fuel-efficient Rotax 916 iS engine.
  • AutoGyro Sentinel aircraft have an operational range of four hours, or approximately 600 kilometers, with a maximum speed up to 225 km/h / 120 Kt / 140 mph.
  • They can carry special customer-defined equipment including a high-res day-, night- and infrared camera system with real-time data downlink to mission control. This system provides a best-in-class solution in day and night conditions.
  • Equipped with a UK Civil Aviation Authority approved autopilot and customised avionics the AutoGyro Sentinel even has the capability to operate in IFR conditions.
  • The State-of-the-Art avionics can manage three independent radios simultaneously. 


AutoGyro, the global leader in gyroplane manufacturing, proudly presents the world’s first hybrid flying car, the GyroMotion. This revolutionary vehicle marks a new era in personal transportation, combining the freedom of flight with the convenience of driving.


The GyroMotion seamlessly transitions between flying and driving modes, offering unparalleled versatility and efficiency. With a flying range of 600 kilometers and a driving range of around 50 kilometers, the GyroMotion is designed to meet the diverse needs of modern travelers.


  • Hybrid Functionality: GyroMotion offers the ability to switch between driving and flying, providing a flexible and innovative transportation solution.
  • Extended Range: Capable of flying up to 600 kilometers and driving up to 50 kilometers, GyroMotion ensures completing long journeys and short trips with ease.
  • Czech Registration: Currently, the GyroMotion can be flown and driven with a Czech Republic registration and can be operated anywhere where permitted. AutoGyro is actively pursuing certifications to enable registration in many more countries around the globe.
  • Proven Performance: Over 30 GyroMotions are already registered in the Czech Republic and are actively flying and driving across the world, demonstrating the vehicle’s reliability and practicality.


AutoGyro’s GyroMotion is set to transform personal transportation by providing a seamless solution for both flying and driving. Whether commuting to work, attending appointments, or reaching a hotel, the GyroMotion ensures driving the ‘last miles’ to the final destination after landing.

“We are excited to present the GyroMotion, a vehicle that embodies the future of personal transportation,” said Pavel Brezina, founder and owner of AutoGyro Nirvana (AGN) who developed the GyroMotion technology of the world’s first hybrid flying car, supported by AutoGyro. “This innovation not only showcases our commitment to technological advancement but also provides a practical solution to modern mobility challenges. When traveling with our GyroMotion aircraft through Europe, Africa, The Middle East and the USA these past few months, we were excited to experience the need and high demand for our solution.”


Find out more about the special presence of AutoGyro at the AERO 2024 in Friedrichshafen | Germany. From 17 to 20 April, we were delighted to welcome so many gyro-interested guests to our new stand.


Existing and future customers, international and future AutoGyro partners, as well as representatives of the AutoGyro and aviation community came together from more than 20 countries. Besides the AutoGyro colleagues, our booth team included AutoGyro Deutschland, our Czech partner AGN Systems, our Hungarian partner One-Two Fly, as well as the Bavarian flight school SchweigAiR.


For our AutoGyro booth design at the AERO 2024, we recycled the ROTAX engine boxes for the back wall and reused discarded rotor blades for the divider of our cosy lounge area. The look of the used materials, as well as the quantity of the boxes, stands for our production depth of 92%. Additionally, we built a bar and an entry counter from old rotor boxes to welcome our visitors warmly. Our stand appearance is industrial, sustainable, warm, and authentic. Everything was designed and handmade by our incredible AutoGyro team.

But of course, our biggest highlights were our impressive gyroplanes. The aesthetic and the quality speak for themselves.


The announced highlight of the trade fair was the availability of the new ROTAX 916 iS engine for the AutoGyro models Cavalon, Calidus and MTOsport 2017. The huge 160 hp engine output now provides exhilarating performance, with climb rates and take off distances a fraction of what they were only a few years ago. Many visitors came to sit in the fastest series gyroplane in the world – the sleek Calidus 916 iS with a new top speed of 225 km.

Another big attraction was the 916 iS Cavalon GyroMotion – the world’s first hybrid flying car of our Czech Partner AGN Systems that already toured around the world.
Of course, our visitors learned all about the professional applications of our AutoGyro models – also by watching the new Jandarma reference video of aerial surveillance with industry-proven camera-equipped Sentinel models.

Experience the difference – Join us at AERO 2024

At this year’s AERO in Friedrichshafen, AutoGyro is presenting its latest Cavalon, Calidus and MTOsport 2017 models with the new Rotax 916 iS engine for the first time. The huge 160 hp engine output provides exhilerating perfomance, with climb rates and take off distances a fraction of what they were only a few years ago. With this engine fitted, the sleek Calidus 916 iS achieves a new top speed of 225 km, making it the fastest series gyroplane in the world. And thanks to the enlarged fuel tank capacity to 100 liters, it has a range of up to 650 km. Like all AutoGyro models, Calidus can be individually configured and offers many new options for optimized cabin comfort. These include standard, mid and tall canopies to suit all pilot sizes, a variable heating system including heated seats, individual leather seats as well as night VFR equipment.

In addition, AERO visitors can learn all about the professional use of gyroplanes at the AutoGyro stand. The focus will be on aerial surveillance with industry-proven camera-equipped Sentinel models and maritime use with amphibious models.

The international AutoGyro trade fair team will also use the AERO as an industry platform to welcome interested applicants to the stand to expand the global partner network. As the global market leader with more than 3.100 gyroplanes in operation, AutoGyro is looking for additional sales and maintenance partners as well as affiliated flight schools worldwide. Come and be part of the AutoGyro family, and grow with us!

Booth B4-402

Werbebanner für die AERO-Messe in Friedrichshafen 17.-20. April 2024. Besucht uns am Stand B4-402 und erlebt unsere AutoGyro Modelle mit neuem Motor.


AutoGyro is the world leader in the innovation, production, and distribution of gyroplanes. Since production commenced in 2003, AutoGyro has produced and delivered more than 3.100 aircraft across the globe. The company is based at Hildesheim airfield, Germany, where AutoGyro models are designed and developed with more than 90% of the aircraft parts manufactured in-house. These German engineered aircraft are fully certified by multiple national aviation authorities, including the UK CAA, the German DULV, the US FAA, the Chinese CAAC amongst many, and include full standard category Certificates of Airworthiness for aerial work, and day or night use. AutoGyro is the only gyroplane company in the world with this range of accreditations.

With a sales and service network in over 40 countries, AutoGyro is well placed to support national or international fleet requirements, wherever it is planned to operate.



Make it a special one! With lots of adventures and gyro moments!

We want to start presenting you each month our highlight shot and highlight model. Every month you can download the new AutoGyro calendar sheet here. For example if you would like to enjoy it as the background for your desktop or mobile devices. Stay tuned!

  • Cover of the AutoGyro Calendar 2024

  • JANUARY 2024


  • March Calendar Sheet with an AutoGyro CAlidus for chineese Police in the desert

  • April 2024-Blue metallic MTOamphib flying in Sweden

  • Cavalon Sentinel -Turkish Jandarma

  • AutoGyro Agric - Gyroplane for agricultural use

  • Coming soon

  • Coming soon

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Turkey Jandarma Report – Cavalon Sentinel Fleet Aerial Surveillance use case

Learn first-hand from Turkish Jandarma Havacilik about the economic advantages and their experience when using AutoGyro gyroplanes instead of helicopters for aerial surveillance tasks. Equipped with cameras and autopilot, our AutoGyro Cavalon Sentinels are successfully used for traffic monitoring and other missions –  in a very cost-effective, practical and green way.

On the occasion of its 55th anniversary, the Gendarmerie Aviation Department provides impressive insights, including the procurement process, experience and expansion plans for their fleet and use cases.

Read the excerpts or the complete interviews with the Jandarma responsibles in the special issue of „Defence Turkey“ | Volume 17 | Issue 125, 2023 | Aerial Photos: Cem DOĞUT.


“Flight and maintenance costs of our helicopters are quite high. We needed a cost-effective aerial vehicle capable of performing helicopter tasks and transmitting images from the air.

The time for aerial search can be 10x longer than the time for the rescue phase using the helicopter. So we split the search and rescue mission into 2 parts.
The aerial search includes for example:

  • Searching for accident victims, drug cultivation areas, illegal immigration, tracking and locating criminals
  • Providing aerial security for VIPs
  • Ensuring security of natural gas & oil pipelines.”

Major General Ali DOĞAN
Director of Gendarmerie Aviation┃Jandarma Havacilik Turkey


“As a result of the efforts of our R&D Department, we decided that AutoGyro gyroplanes could fulfill this role. We quickly integrated this system into our inventory, not only incorporating the electro-optical capabilities that a few of our helicopters possess but also enabling the transmission of these images to our personnel on the ground.

Subsequently, by coordinating with our units, we explored other potential areas of utilization: We expanded the inventory of AutoGyro gyroplanes by adding tasks such as: public safety, search & rescue, reconnaissance, surveillance, border security, wildfire monitoring and illicit crop monitoring.

With many more projects, we remain committed to enhancing our operational effectiveness with our approach.”

Senior Colonel Arif HAKERLER
Chief of the Gendarmerie Aviation Division┃Jandarma Havacilik Turkey


The maintenance and sustainment activities for our AutoGyro gyroplanes are carried out by our own technicians. The use of regular gasoline significantly reduces flight costs, making operational expenses incredibly economical. While the hourly flight cost for a helicopter is approximately US$ 3.000, for a AutoGyro gyroplane, this cost reduces to around US$ 35.”

Gendarmerie Pilot Colonel Ruhi YÜKSEL
The Commander of the Support Group at the
Gendarmerie Aviation Department┃Jandarma Havacilik Turkey

AutoGyro Fly-In and Open House 2023

AutoGyro looks back on a great fly-in weekend at the end of August 2023: Numerous AutoGyro gyroplane, pilots and partners from Germany and abroad as well as several hundred visitors from Hildesheim accepted the invitation to the fly-in and open house.

After an official reception by the AutoGyro management and the mayor of Hildesheim, Dr. Ingo Meyer, on the occasion of the 20th production anniversary, the guests were able to take a tour of the company, participate in workshops and try out flights with the AutoGyro team and experience the world of gyroplanes.

The HR team at a career stand informed about the numerous entry possibilities at AutoGyro. Also a child program as well as food and drinks has been provided. The visitors enjoyed the insights and the exchange in a relaxed atmosphere and stayed until the highlight: the joint sunset flight in best weather.

A celebration in the evening with customers, partners, friends & family as well as the pilot breakfast rounded off the event weekend.