03.07.2015 16:27 Uhr : No plans yet? Our suggestion: IdeenExpo

The idea Expo was launched in 2007. The aim is to fill students with enthusiasm for science and technical occupations. Meanwhile IdeenExpo has developed into Germany's largest youth event for science and technology, which takes place every two years.   This year it will take place from July 4 to July 12 at the exhibition grounds in Hannover.   We will also be present on this year’s event. You can find us at the stand of the Lower Saxony State Chancellery „Europa für Niedersachsen“(Europe for Lower Saxony) in hall 9, where we will be represented with our eGyro.   We hope to inspire many   » more

26.06.2015 08:39 Uhr : No plans yet? Our suggestion : Lower Saxony Day (Tag der Niedersachsen)

This year Hildesheim is going not only to the celebrate the 1200th anniversary of its existence, but also is host of the "Lower Saxony Day " from June 26 to June 28.  Together with gyro flight school Thomas Kiggen, AutoGyro is going to present at this event, too.   A central element of the event will be the “Hi-Move” mile, which invites its visitors since 2013 to learn more about electric mobility and to experience it live. During the "Lower Saxony Day" the Zingel, from Hindenburgplatz until Rathausstraße, turns into a mile of environmentally friendly energy and mobility. On 3,500 square   » more

25.06.2015 09:22 Uhr : SHE FLIES!!!!

History has been made today with yet another World First for AutoGyro with the first flight of our eGyro.   With the help of Bosch engineers and support of Niedersachsen Aviation, this day in history we can record the very first flight by a Gyroplane powered solely by electricity.   Otmar Birkner, AutoGyro Group President declared the flight(s) a resounding success and paid tribute to the efforts of the whole team. "Today we flew Tomorrow's aircraft. For now we share the same challenges for endurance as the automotive industry but in time, this will increase from the current 45 minutes   » more

24.06.2015 12:34 Uhr : Training candidates identify themselves with the middle class

To allow students to gain an insight into the world of work - this is what the project "Future apprentices identify with small and medium sized enterprises" of Enzo Calvanico and Peter Pfeiffer from the Small and Medium Enterprises Businesses Association in Hildesheim is about.   Last Friday we could be the first host of an event on this promising project.   Fourteen students of the 9th and 10th grades and 4 teachers from the Oskar Schindler Gesamtschule Hildesheim visited AutoGyro. Nathalie Pöschel and Isabel Gomez Cotte led the participants through our production, showed our   » more

11.06.2015 13:14 Uhr : 12.06.2015 - Shut-downs with our telephone system

Dear Gyro-Friends,   we would like to inform you that there are going to be some shut-downs with our telephone system tomorrow, 12.06, between 12 a.m. and 2 p.m..   In that time we are still available via email, as usual.   Thank you for your understanding.   Your AutoGyro Team     » more

04.06.2015 13:38 Uhr : France Air Expo in Lyon

Ohh la la…   During the next days, Fly Aero, our Distribution Partner in France takes the opportunity to put on a great show of AutoGyro models. Anticipating excellent weather for the event, if you have the opportunity to visit them they’d be happy to welcome you as part of the AutoGyro family. We wish Stephane, Catherine and all of the Team great success and a lot of fun!   Au cours des prochains jours, Fly Aero, notre partenaire de distribution en France a l'occasion de mettre sur un grand spectacle de modèles autogire. Anticipant d'excellentes conditions météorologiques pour   » more

29.05.2015 16:59 Uhr : Something for the weekend? Our suggestion: Sachsen-Anhalt-Day

On the Sachsen-Anhalt-Day, Prof. Bannehr and Prof. Koppers, both pilots, will present the workings of  University-Anhalt’s own Gyroplane. Typically they use their gyroplane only for research flights, but on this special day they offer you also, great sightseeing flights.   For more information on our programme, please visit the official website: http://www.hs-anhalt.de/index.php?id=5179 Here you find another link for a YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WpfEaoV4I6M     » more

22.05.2015 16:14 Uhr : Pentecost trip 2015

The Pentecost holiday is around upon us again. Like every year, some of our colleges take advantage of the long weekend and for a gyroplane-trip. This year they hit the road to Husum direction and from there, they are starting their day trips to differnet places, such as Sylt or Sankt Peter-Ording. You will find on our Facebook a short report with some pictures,   Are you taking a trip with your Gyro as well? Please send us some pictures from your tours for our “Reasons to fly” Facebook-campaign  to sales[Klammeraffe]auto-gyro[Punkt]com.   We are looking forward your contribution and wish   » more

21.05.2015 14:10 Uhr : 26th German Ultralight Championship in Weilerswist has been announced – Won with an AutoGyro!

Congratulations to John Lemburg and Hans-Friedrich Wilhelm (MTOsport) for their excellent 1st place, and Frank Dahlberg and Christian Nachtigall (MTOsport) for their commendable 3rd place.   After three days of competition with six different tests, the 26th German Championships for ultralights has been decided on the 17th of May. During the first three tasks the participants were sent on routes and with the other three - focused on precise taking-off and landing on the airfield Weilerswist. During the distance tests, it is important to follow a prescribed course as closely as possible. This   » more

22.04.2015 10:17 Uhr : Gewinner der AERO-Auslosung

NOW   Wir freuen uns die Gewinner der AERO-Auslosung mitteilen zu dürfen! Die GoPro Hero Kamera geht zu Ramisch Gerfried aus Zirzow. Das iPad Mini hat Arnd Meinhart aus Mayen gewonnen und der Hauptpreis- die GoPro Hero3 Kamera, gehört jetzt Uwe Gullkowski aus Freudenberg.   Wir danken für Eure Teilnahme und gratulieren den Gewinnern!     » more

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