Welcome Home, Red Dot!

Last week, we were already welcoming it at the Gala, now the Red Dot Award has settled in our "Hall of Fame". We are very proud and honored to be awarded for our designs amongst big names such as Porsche or Apple. In 2012, we were given the red dot for our Cavalon; this year, we received it for our MTOsport 2017 even with the destinction "Best of the Best". At the Designers Night, we were able to present our gyro at the red carpet and can show you some impressions of this neat event:...
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2. GyroJENA FlyIn

From Friday til Sunday, July 13-15, the second Gyro Fly In will take place in Jena, Germany. We are already looking forward to this event and are getting prepared for takeoff. We will be there with our performance and design start, the MTOsport 2017 and the Cavalon. Come and visit us and learn more about our technique and equipment possibilities such as the high end glass cockpit. We are happy to take you up into the air and enjoy the difference together with you! See you in EDBJ!
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Red Dot Gala - Design on Stage

When the Red Dot calls, the world of Design comes together. Yesterday, the Designer's Gala invited this year's winners of the Red Dot Design Award. Having been honored with the "Best of the Best", we were even invited to present our MTOsport 2017 at the Gala. It was a very special treat and honor for us. More photos and information about the Gala itself will follow soon.  
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Sign in for our Maintenance Courses

It's the most direct and perfect training for you: With our intensive maintenance courses, we regularly train you in all topics and areas to our gyros and, for the next two courses, there are still places available! In week 33, from the 13th to the 17th of August, there will be an English language course in our Hildesheim factory, in the following week, from the 20th to the 24th of August, the German language course. The trainings deal with the MTOsport, Calidus, Cavalon and MTOsport 2017...
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MTO tours German Flight Schools

Our MTOsport 2017 will come and visit your flight school in Germany! Already tomorrow, our Sales Manager and Flight Instructor Reinhard Lompa will start his tour, first heading to the flight school LetsRotate in B├╝ren. He is looking forward to your visit, great conversations and an interesting day with all of you. So please come around and meet our MTOsport 2017! We will keep you updated on further dates of his tour....
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ATR 833-MK II: Update Settings

For an optimized radio quality, we are happy to support your with the following guidelines for your headset and the radio ATR 833-MK II: Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have further questions. Our Technical Support will be happy to help you out:  
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Get started and get airborne

With exciting and challenging new job ads, we are looking for you as our colleague. Have a look at our job market, find your position at AutoGyro and send us your application directly via e-mail. We are looking forward to meeting you.   You may find all job ads here. Please note that our specifications are in German language, as we need you to communicate in our team.  
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MTOnautic linking the elements

This is probably as good as it gets: Our new MTOnautic has arrived on the Seychelles and is right where he needs to be. Equipped with floats for starts and landings on water, our design awarded multitalent takes you to the most prettiest places, landing and starting in crystal clear water and enjoying the greatest way of flying. This is what "Enjoy the difference" stands for. Happy landings!
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Gyro Market: Cavalon

A new used one - our offer for you! Do you already know our gyro market? Currently, we have a great used Cavalon for you. Have a look at it: Go to gyro market!
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Red Dot: Best of the Best

Best of the Best - the MTOsport 2017 is an innovative symbiosis of aesthetics and function. Such says the Red Dot jury. After the evalution process spanning several days in March, our MTOsport 2017 received the top distinction in the internationally renowned design competition. More than 6,300 objects from 59 nations were submitted to the strict judging criteria, which include level of innovation, functionality, formal quality, ergonomics and durability....
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