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Author: Nils Uhlemann

New generation: Calidus 916 iS

Calidus 916 iS – The impossible became possible

AutoGyro proudly announces the successful launch of the fastest production gyroplane in the world: Calidus 916 iS. This new generation Calidus is flying with the “impossible” Rotax engine 916 iS (160 hp) at an “impossible” new Vne of 225 km/h / 140 mph / 120 KIAS.

The sharp aerodynamics mean that Calidus is a fast cruiser, and with new fuel tank capacity of 100ltr, has a huge 650 km range. A superb combination!

The new generation also includes new aircraft options:

  • A taller optional canopy, with an additional 150mm (6”) of headroom for pilots
  • Variable rate heater controls, heated seats and lumbar support
  • Screen demist incorporated
  • Latest generation pneumatic system
  • Latest generation rotorhead and pre-rotation
  • 4-blade HTC or electric constant speed Woodcomp KW31 (electric) prop
  • Night VFR equipmenFull Garmin G3x panel, with Garmin, Trig or Funk radios and transponders
  • Leather seat cushions, customized to match the aircraft colours

The Calidus 916 iS has a maximum takeoff mass of 560 kg, an empty weight as low as 310 kg, and an engine TBO of 2000 hrs.

An impossible combination? At AutoGyro we love to make the impossible possible…

More information: Calidus – AutoGyro (

AutoGyro Cavalon in Professional Use for Surveying and Cartography

The acceptance procedure and handover of the AutoGyro Cavalon 915 to the representatives of the Czech Office of Surveying and Cartography was successfully completed in June 2023.

This is the result of a multi-year effort to use the AutoGyro gyroplane as a carrier for scanning and digitizing the relief of the earth’s surface. This aircraft met all the conditions of the tender and will carry a professional scanner from Riegel, in cooperation with the German company IGI, and it will be installed and subsequently used professionally by the Geodetic Survey. Our friend at company WEKU Fly from Germany has been using Cavalon gyroplanes and Riegel scanners for more than 5 years for work for the public and private sector in the field of digital surface mapping.

The owner of AGN Systems Pavel Březina together with the Director of the Geodetic Office Mr. Karel Brázdil conducted two days of tests and perfectly checked all flight and ground modes of the gyroplane equipped with the scanner carrier. The Cavalon perfectly met all the specified requirements and after the crews are trained, it will be included and used as a full member of the fleet of scanning aircraft and drones in the Czech Republic.

The handover event is the culmination of this teamwork and confirms the fact that AutoGyro is the only manufacturer in the gyroplane sector that meets all major national regulations, whilst also meeting the highest global safety requirements.
This successful delivery not only highlights AutoGyro’s innovative qualities, it also marks the huge step AutoGyro has taken in the design, configuration and delivery of gyroplane aircraft for commercial and government use. 

More information: Cavalon – AutoGyro (

Ready for Switzerland- Join the AutoGyro Family!

We are looking for our new exclusive Swiss sales partner, for affiliated Swiss flight schools, and Swiss maintenance partners to open this new market with us.

All of our class-leading Cavalon, Calidus and MTOsport 2017 models have been shown to meet the strict Swiss noise regulation requirements with the latest Rotax 915iS engines, so we have a gyroplane model to inspire everyone. In cooperation with ROTAX we found a way to tame the 915iS engine enough to meet the Swiss performance requirements.

Our Cavalon and the MTOsport 2017 are approved with a throttled ROTAX 915 iS motor and Woodcomp propeller, with a huge maximum takeoff mass of 560 kg. Our Calidus is approved with a ROTAX 914 UL motor and Woodcomp propeller, and maximum takeoff mass of 500 kg. A big thank goes out to our AutoGyro development, certification and flight team who prepared the tests and carried them out together with RS Flight Systems.

With 20 years of production experience and more than 3000 gyroplanes in service, the market leader AutoGyro is proud to enter the Swiss market for the first time. Benefit from the operating with aircraft built by the world’s leading gyroplane manufacturer,  made-in-Germany quality and excellent service support. The application process for Swiss sales, service and maintenance partners is now open. We are looking forward receiving your inquiries and applications.

Please use our application form.